Company Expertise is Compartmentalized


A major OEM struggled with product development design rules that were managed through a series of disconnected Excel spreadsheets and locally developed design rules databases. With design knowledge in so many places and kept in so many different formats, designers struggled with incomplete guidelines and conflicting rules. Rule maintenance, refinements, corrections, feedback, and findings required the time, energy and coordination of dozens of different departments to compare and recompile spreadsheets and databases. There was no way to get complete, correct knowledge to engineers, and the company had no process to ensure that the right rules were being correctly applied.

Auros Solution

  • Implemented an enterprise-wide solution for authoring rules, sharing knowledge, and putting context-appropriate, cross-functional design rules into the hands of engineers
  • Eliminated disconnected Excel files and homegrown databases
  • Gave 6,000+ global user-base of engineers, managers and subject matter experts a consistent design rule process
  • Created an environment that allowed 1,000+ design rule authors around the world to easily document and share rules
  • Gave a global company the ability to organize around the “system V” from systems and subsystems, down to components and parts and then back up again
  • Added the ability to customize security options for creating, viewing and assessing requirements
  • Became possible to continuously reuse and refine knowledge across functions
  • Reduced design and testing time for new designs
  • Prevented recurrence of problems
  • Allowed requirements standardization across systems, subsystems and components (system V)