Gamification of Knowledge Management

Gameification is a hot trend in software today. The field of knowledge management has much to gain from game thinking and game mechanics.

What is Gamefication

Gameification is using what engages people in games to engage them in accomplishing other tasks-—usually tasks that are valuable to business. Gameification uses built-in elements of human psychology to get people to pay attention, act with enthusiasm, work as a team, and stay engaged over time. Knowledge management systems that can harness these human impulses create a more vibrant and useful resource that pays a higher return on investment.

Elements of Gameification

Competition: When individuals try to match or exceed others or race against a timeline, they try harder, achieve more and increase satisfaction. Achievement: Human beings invest more in activities that are gratifying. Rewards can be quite literal, such as earning points, or it can be experiencing feedback that can be as simple as filling a progress bar. Status: Rewards that are visible to other “players” are more desirable. Knowing others are rating you or that your results will be recognized promotes better performance. Teamwork: We are social creatures and enjoy participating with others and sharing experiences and insights. Fun: Adding choices, challenging or creating a narrative can make tasks more interactive and fun. When tasks are entertaining, we tend to put more effort into them for longer.

What Gamification Might Contribute to the Knowledge Management Field

Your knowledge management program will work better when people invest time and energy in it, engage with it in meaningful ways, contribute to the system, work together to solve problems.
  • Better data quality
  • Greater contribution of content
  • Improved documentation of processes
  • Increased interaction and use
  • More shared learning
As you consider better approaches to knowledge management, think of systems that can raise your game. You will make more goals when you are keeping score.