Creating Intelligent Technical Memory by Enabling Continuous Learning and Effortless Recall

Auros Knowledge Systems delivers the power of ‘Knowledge Aware Engineering,’ which is transforming traditional engineering into a knowledge driven and learning enabled discipline. Knowledge Aware Engineering is a new capability being used by leading companies with technically intensive and complex engineering requirements. By converting traditional reference libraries into ‘Active Knowledge,’ Auros software has rapidly become the go-to solution to provide value across multiple disciplines, including Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, and Plant Operations. With over 36,000 active users globally, Auros is delivering knowledge-in-the-flow of work for major corporations in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Products, Heavy Industry, and High-Tech / Electronics industries.




Overview of Auros Knowledge Systems

For a basic understanding of what Auros Knowledge Systems does, watch the short video below. You will find that Auros Knowledge Systems has a breakthrough technology that creates an active knowledge infrastructure. Auros Knowledge Systems engages the workforce in a process that cultivates knowledge capture and refinement. 


Knowledge Aware Engineering:

  • Eliminates Recurring Mistakes
  • Preserves and Shares Knowledge
  • Improves Engineering Efficiency
  • Reduces Undesirable Engineering Variation
  • Reduces the Enterprise IT Footprint



Use Cases for Knowledge Aware Engineering

There are many different reasons organizations choose to adopt the Knowledge Aware Engineering technique. However, users often find new unique ways it can be utilized, beyond the original intended use. Whether you’re an advanced user, or you’re just now considering this technique, we suggest that you look beyond the original reason it was sought for, and to consider all the potential ways your organization can benefit from Knowledge Aware Engineering. Knowledge Aware Engineering has over 20 use cases for departments, such as: Enterprise, Product Development, Manufacturing Engineering and Operations, and Supplier Quality.

Click on a use case to learn how it easy it can be done within Auros Knowledge Systems.




A Technical Explanation

Overview of Knowledge Aware Engineering
Auros represents a fundamentally different approach to managing technical knowledge. We call this approach the ‘Knowledge Aware’ technique.
Knowledge Packets
A Knowledge Packet is a structured, granular unit of retained know-how; purpose built to efficiently capture, share, reuse, and provision knowledge.
Assessment Controls
Assessment Controls are comprehensive tool kits used to evaluate, track and apply collections of knowledge directly within your everyday workflow.



Schedule a Demo on Knowledge Aware Engineering

Interested in learning how Knowledge Aware Engineering works?  Schedule a complimentary live demo on Knowledge Aware Engineering today!  A quick demo will show you the importance of Knowledge Aware Engineering, how you and your team benefit, and the strategy behind how it can be implemented within your everyday workflow.




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