Without Auros With Auros
Organizations with Auros
This represents today’s typical engineering/manufacturing organizations without Auros. They may lack adequate and well-defined knowledge processes. As engineers attempt to gather useful information to make their next product development decision, they must sift through numerous sources of know-how: documents, emails, excel files, presentations, best practices and lessons learned databases. In addition to ambiguities, assurance of completeness and timeliness, sifting through old and irrelevant information can bring a process to a standstill, clogging the organization’s pathways and creating inefficiencies. This is an organization with Auros. All kinds of know-how are broken up into smaller chunks, known as K-PACS. Relevant K-PACs are delivered to engineers as they’re working on a specific engineering decision in a streamlined manner. Guided by these K-PACs on where to go and what to do, engineers save time, and make better decisions with fewer mistakes. This results in an organization with streamlined pathways.
Photo credit to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (right).