2017 Knowledge Aware Engineering Conference

This year’s conference was held at the newly remodeled Cobo Center, in Detroit, on September 13-14

The Knowledge Aware Engineering Conference, sponsored by Auros, showed attendees how organization can implement and benefit from anticipatory knowledge delivery, through Knowledge Aware Engineering. Knowledge Aware Engineering is an engineering paradigm that was developed to ensure that corporate technical knowledge is provisioned to the right engineer at the right time, delivering knowledge in the flow of your processes. From this conference, companies shared how this new technology was implemented, and how it improved their workflow and knowledge capture. More specifically, attendees heard about: 

  • Strategies for implementing Knowledge Aware Engineering
  • Project Experiences from Knowledge Aware Engineering
  • Lessons Learned from Knowledge Aware Engineering deployment teams
  • Insight and live demonstrations of future Knowledge Aware Engineering technology





Conference Details

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in establishing an effective and efficient engineering process should attend. This conference is structured towards officers, VPs, engineering managers, IT staff, and other upper management roles within engineering industries, including: automotive, industrial equipment, ship building, aerospace & defense, durable goods, energy, architectural & design, hospital management, and medical devices. 


Admission Cost

The cost to attend the Knowledge Aware Engineering Conference is $395 per ticket. Auros customers are qualified for discounted rates (talk to your AE for details). Unfortunately, registration is now closed. Please look for the 2018 registration to open up soon. 


Conference Presenters

Here are the presenters for the 2017 Knowledge Aware Engineering Conference.

  • Saikiran Divakaruni – Senior Engineering Supervisor, Friction material engineering from ZF
  • Tim GlaueEngineering Design – Specialist from Caterpillar
  • Wendy Lange – Engineering Group Manager Process and Knowledge Management Transformation from General Motors
  • Jeff Mayhugh  Engineering Group Lead – Navistar Technical Memory from Navistar
  • Mauro Marconcin – KBE (Knowledge Based Engineering) Manager from ZF
  • Jeff Moffa – President from Auros Knowledge Systems
  • Nick Periat – Supplier Quality Technical Support Group Teams from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Tom Valvano, Product Engineer at ZF TRW Foundation Brake Engineering
  • The Auros Application Engineering Team




What is Knowledge Aware Engineering?

Knowledge Aware is a fundamentally different approach to managing technical knowledge. It has been proven out and has become the most effective knowledge management strategy for technical environments. Click on the video below to watch a brief overview of the Knowledge Aware technique.