Knowledge is Difficult to Apply in Context


A large industrial manufacturer struggled with costly retooling and redesign. In addition to damaging profitability, the rework/redesign cycle slowed time to market, putting them at a competitive disadvantage. The company had a large document repository based on Excel spreadsheets, but those spreadsheets were inconsistent across programs within manufacturing. They also differed across geographical locations and had grown large and unmanageable. Keeping them up to date was a nightmare. Trying to aggregate information to give management an accurate rolled up status burned countless hours. And in the end, no matter what they did, problems were not detected until too late in the process. The issues tended to crop up in an ad hoc manner and were dealt with on case-by-case basis. Because the company had no feedback loop and no way to correct requirements documents in the repository, repeated problems were guaranteed.

Auros Solution

  • Organized knowledge in an accessible, active structure
  • Engaged the engineering and design workforce to continuously update, refine and verify knowledge
  • Pushed knowledge to engineers early in the process
  • Provided a way to assess work at every step in the process
  • Ended the costly rework
  • Improved time to market and product quality
  • Enabled management oversight