Knowledge Leaves with your Employees


A Tier One component supplier was restructuring its engineering function. Almost immediately, the most senior employees elected to take early retirement rather than move to another state. Mid-level employees with innovative ideas decided to find work with local competitors rather than uproot their families. And the low-cost, off-shore contractors lacked an understanding of basic processes. The company didn’t want trade secrets walking out with employees going to new jobs. They had to find a way to keep contractors that were working on interiors from accessing advanced battery technologies. They also had to make sure that the team designing products according to one client’s specifications was kept separate from the team designing products for another.

Auros Solution

  • Provided a structure for capturing the clear, complete, connectable knowledge of retiring experts
  • Organized knowledge in an accessible, active structure
  • Engaged management, employees and contractors to continuously update, align, refine and verify knowledge
  • Pushed knowledge to contractors in context
  • Provided security and selective views of information
  • Allowed work to be assessed at every step from any location
  • The use and reuse of information was made possible
  • Gave international managers productivity and performance metrics
  • Allowed company to achieve the cost savings promised by consolidation and off-shoring