Left Brain Rationality to Empower Right Brain Creativity

There are some people who will insist that systematically managing knowledge kills creativity. By nailing down facts, standards and rules, you hem people in. To that we say: “Nonsense!”

Re-Inventing the Wheel Is Not Creative

The language of knowledge management may seem superficially confining. But the reality is quite the opposite. You need to know the rules in order to break them. You need to know the standards to know what is different. And if you don’t know what has and hasn’t worked in the past, you have to start at the very beginning, wasting enormous time and resources. If your goal is to innovate a turbine blade, is it not helpful to take 75 years of mature knowledge as your starting point? If 85% of creating a new thing is reapplying old knowledge, starting with that 85% done leaves 100% of your time available to innovate. Why waste so much of your time coming to the same conclusions?

Practical Innovation

Leonardo da Vinci invented the automobile in 1478. The problem wasn’t with the idea, but applying the idea in reality. Da Vinci’s invention could not be manufactured. Modern innovators must be aware of the same obstacle of manufacture-ability when creating new products and improving old ones. Bringing in mature knowledge might help create a forge-friendly part or ensure that existing tooling can handle the change or that the line can be efficiently retooled to accommodate it. Active knowledge management empowers creativity by ensuring modern day da Vinci’s can turn dreams into practical, profitable products

Connecting the Dots Is the Key to Creativity

Green field creativity in business is relatively rare—and isn’t always that profitable. Taking existing knowhow and using it in new ways is the surer way to profitability. The telephone took the idea of the telegraph sending electrical pulses over copper wire to transform sound waves into electrical pulses over copper wire. And radio applied the idea of electrical pulses traveling over copper wire into electromagnetic waves traveling through the air. Giving people command of old know-how gives people the power to create. Active knowledge management systems empower creativity by freeing resources from the waste of reinvention, by making ideas easier to put into operation, by giving you more dots to connect in new ways. You’ll innovate with speed, innovate with quality and innovate with profitability.