Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

When 70% of manufacturing costs of a product (cost of materials, processing, and assembly) are determined by design decisions and production decisions (such as process planning or machine tool selection) responsible for an additional 20%, there is a clear need for product development organizations to take Design for Manufacturing and Assembly efforts seriously. Integrating manufacturing and process planning criteria into the design process will reduce costs and time to market. Auros allows manufacturing teams to create, maintain and publish Design for Manufacturing and Assembly standards which can be automatically delivered to and evaluated by the design team.

Reduction in time to market

Improved manufacturing quality

Provides up-front issue identification

Increased communication between product and manufacturing teams for issue resolution

Examples of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Manufacturing rules and requirements are captured as individual discrete concepts.
Manufacturing shares rules and requirements with Product Development.
Within Auros, you can see how your Knowledge is used across multiple projects and workflows.
New manufacturing rules and requirements show up in the Product Development evaluation process.
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