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Free Download: A Beginner’s Guide to Knowledge Aware Engineering


Learn how active knowledge management can fuel your innovation strategy with the Beginner’s Guide to Knowledge Aware Engineering.

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Free Download: 5 Signs You Need Knowledge Aware Engineering


How do you know if you need Knowledge Aware Engineering at your company? If you’re unsure if your company should adopt an Knowledge Aware approach… make it simple! Check out these 5 Signs that you should look for within your company.

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The Auros YouTube channel has a variety of videos that illustrate what Knowledge Aware Engineering is, how it works and how it can be implemented.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Knowledge Aware Engineering is new for many. If you have questions about Auros, Knowledge Aware Engineering, or anything else, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Auros Blog


As innovators in active knowledge management, we invite you to explore our latest thoughts within the Auros blog.

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Auros in the News


Check out what other people are saying about online about Auros.

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