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These five signs will tell if your company can benefit from implementing a Knowledge Aware Engineering approach. If you have any questions about Knowledge Aware Engineering, call Auros Knowledge Systems at (313) 996-82585, or email



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What is Knowledge Aware Engineering?
Knowledge Aware Engineering is a fundamentally new approach to managing technical knowledge. It replaces the traditional, passive ‘reference shelf’ model with an integrated, active knowledge system that directly influences technical decision-making and analysis. Knowledge Aware Engineering can help your organization:

  • Eliminates Recurring Mistakes
  • Preserves and Shares Knowledge
  • Improves Engineering Efficiency
  • Reduces Undesirable Engineering Variation
  • Reduces the Enterprise IT Footprint

Interested in learning more about Knowledge Aware Engineering? Download the ‘Beginner’s Guide to Knowledge Aware Engineering’ on the right side of the page.