Trust is the Heartbeat of Every Knowledge System

Without user trust in a knowledge system, it dies. It doesn’t matter how expensive, comprehensive or sophisticated that knowledge system might be, the moment one person one time get knowledge out of the system that is not true, not relevant, or just too overwhelming to use, the knowledge system becomes compromised and begins a cycle of rapid decay. People are working under deadline and budget pressures. They don’t have time to stop what they are doing to quest for all the information they need. They don’t have energy to puzzle out how it all works together. They don’t have the resources to chase around and verify every piece of knowledge. How do you ensure your knowledge system grows robust and usable? * Make knowledge gathering part of your process * Enable knowledge owners and users to assess and reassess knowledge and its inter-dependencies * Push knowledge to where it is used in context; providing only what is relevant * Keep knowledge up to date Keeping information trustworthy will keep your system vibrant and return the highest return on your investment.