Global Support

Auros Global Support

Auros IQ adoption is growing rapidly. With the growth comes the demand for 24/7 high-quality customer support. We at Auros Knowledge Systems are working hard to ensure our global support meets the needs of each Auros customer. The list below describes each support region and the services that are available. Our global footprint is growing so please check back with us periodically for updates:


  • Office or Partner: Auros WHQ
  • Location: Livonia, MI, USA
  • Services Offered: Full-Service Technical, Consulting, Sales


  • Office or Partner: Sotos, SuitPro – currently supporting Auros IQ at multiple OEMs
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Services Offered: Full-Service Technical, Consulting, Sales

Eastern Europe

  • Office or Partner: Auros Ukraine
  • Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Services Offered: Full-Service Technical, Consulting

India and Asia Pacific (excluding China)

  • Office or Partner: Design Tech
  • Location: Delhi and Pune
  • Services Offered: Full-Service Technical, Consulting, Sales
  • Office or Partner: Auros KS India
  • Location: Hyderabad
  • Services Offered: Deployment Support

Western Europe

Western Europe currently receives full-service support from the Auros WHQ in the Americas. In the long term, Auros Knowledge Systemsseeks to establish a permanent office in Germany by the end of 2021.


Feel free to email the department you are trying to reach directly by using the emails provided.