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An Overview of Auros Knowledge Systems

Auros Knowledge Systems is the leading software and service provider for Knowledge Aware capabilities. Auros has rapidly become the go-to solution to connect knowledge across multiple disciplines, including: manufacturing engineering, plant operations, product development, project management, quality, and supplier quality. With over 36,000 active global users, Auros is delivering knowledge-in-the-flow of work for major corporations in the automotive, aerospace & defense, consumer products, heavy manufacturing, and high-tech/electronics industries.

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Successful International Organizations Will Be Sharing Their Knowledge Management Techniques At The 2018 Knowledge Aware Conference

Top industry leaders are expected to be attending the 2018 Knowledge Aware Conference to learn about the revolutionary new approach to managing technical knowledge, Knowledge Aware. Throughout the two-day conference, attendees will have the opportunity to glean from globally recognized organizations that have adopted Knowledge Aware, such as: Auros Knowledge Systems, BorgWarner, General Motors, Kohler, and ZF. These organizations will be sharing their project experiences, lessons learned, and best practices on how they implemented Knowledge Aware across their organization. Strategies for achieving workforce efficiency and effectiveness will also be shared with conference attendees.


SSI & Auros to Create Smart Connector for Knowledge Management

SSI and Auros Knowledge Systems are working on a National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) project to create a bi-directional linkage between SSI’s ShipConstructor software and the Auros Knowledge Management System. The partnership between the two companies is natural since ShipConstructor is the most common CAD/CAM software used to design and engineer US Navy ships. Auros is a leader in its own right; with extensive experience in providing knowledge management systems in other industries.


Auros Knowledge Systems to Participate in NSRP Research Project

The Executive Control Board of the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) has selected the project titled “Knowledge Provisioning to Improve First Time Quality of Ship Design” as part of the Program’s continuing mission to reduce costs associated with U. S. shipbuilding and ship repair.


Auros Releases Major System Enhancements to their Knowledge Based System

On September 1, 2017, Auros Knowledge Systems released major system enhancements to their knowledge based system to improve response times, computational efficiency, and the visual design. Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, and Plant Operations customers will greatly benefit from the v 08 00 System Enhancements.


Knowledge Aware Engineering Strategy Draws the Attention of Engineering Leaders Globally

Auros Knowledge Systems has developed an important new strategy to capture, share, and reuse knowledge. This strategy is called ‘Knowledge Aware Engineering’, and will be shared at the 2017 Knowledge Aware Engineering Conference in Detroit, this September.


Auros Knowledge Systems Has Been Selected for the 2017 State of Michigan Mission to China

Auros Knowledge Systems has been selected as one of ten Michigan companies to join senior state Government Officials for the 2017 State of Michigan Mission to China. The trade mission will be led by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), with a purpose to increase economic development throughout Michigan through the Chinese markets.