Auros v 08 00 System Enhancements

We are continually working to improve your experiences on the Auros system!

On September 1, 2017, Auros Knowledge System released the v 08 00 System Enhancement, making it available to over 36,000 active global users. We listen to your requests and we actively work to make enhancements so that your experiences with us are always improving! For more information about the release, please contact your Auros Account Manager, or email info@aurosks.com for details.

Here are some of the recent system enhancements made to Auros:

New Auros Mobile Application

  • With the new Auros mobile app, users can perform Assessments on-the-go using their preferred mobile device or tablet


Extensive expansion on the Teamboard concept, now including:

Building on the success of Teamboards, v 08 00 includes extensive expansions on the Teamboard concept:

  • Major enhancement to all Walls (Gantt, Master Process, Assessments, Issues, Tasks, Reports, Files, Overview)
  • KPI’s and KPI Trends
  • Automation of TB Creation
  • ‘Touch’ Compliancy for all Team Board functions.


Hashtag link and Hover Card annotations supported across Auros

  • Easily create links across most Auros object types. These links are automatically annotated with summary ‘Hover Cards’ covering the significant details of the destination object, without having to traverse the link itself.


Systems Engineering Parameter Traceability Maps

Two all new self-generating Parameter visualization tools: ‘Parameter Traceability Map’ and ‘Parameter Edge Map’.  Together, these visualizations are useful in evaluating design change impact and traceability.

  • The Traceability Map allows users to explore the specific relationships of related Parameters, Communities, and K-PACs, starting with a given parameter of interest.
  • The Edge Map is a compact visualization of all relationships across the corpus of parameters for a given system.


AC Re-query – Revised Work Flow

  • Re-query is a unique technology with Auros that allows the context of any given Assessment to be continuously updated as knowledge evolves. V 08 00 brings a new and more intuitive workflow to the Re-query process.


Inline filters for Column Choosers and Filter Boxes

  • The addition of these inline filters makes it easier to locate and select values from within a long list of values. This is a simple improvement with a large impact on efficiency.


Auros Projects Synchronization from external master schedule

  • V 08 00 introduces a toolkit that enables the Auros concept of a ‘Project’ to be synchronized with external systems that may be the master source of project information including project and team timing.


Overall performance, usability, and visual enhancement

  • Through the upgrade, users will notice improved response times, computational efficiency, and visual enhancements.