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Our Vision

At Auros Knowledge Systems, our vision is to transform the way knowledge is captured, shared, and reused.

Our Mission

At Auros Knowledge Systems, our mission is to develop next generation knowledge based solutions and to provide services that promote and enable their adoption. Auros differentiates itself by emphasizing these important qualities: active, bottom-up, adaptive, intelligent, predictive, and highly-secure.

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Transforming product development processes by capturing, provisioning, evaluating, applying, and managing knowledge with timely precision—directly within your teams’ workflows.

About Auros Knowledge Systems

Our Company

Auros Knowledge Systems is a software developer and leader in providing next-generation Knowledge Management (KM) solutions to some of the world’s largest and most prominent product developers across the automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, and consumer product industries. We solve some of the most complex, high-stakes knowledge management challenges found in manufacturing engineering, plant operations, product development, project management, and quality. We capitalize on our differentiators by emphasizing these important qualities: active, bottom-up, adaptive, intelligent, predictive, and highly secure.


Our Software

Auros IQ, our primary software, is designed on the unique Knowledge Aware approach, which continuously captures, provisions, evaluates, applies, and manages knowledge—directly in established workflows. With more than 40,000 worldwide users, Auros IQ enables engineers to foster continuous knowledge capture and reuse, unify siloed knowledge repositories, and increase project accuracy and workflow efficiency.


Our Customers

Our valued customers represent a diverse group of product development companies, which range from smaller businesses to some of the largest global enterprises. Collectively, their unique challenges presented an array of difficulties, but each received a similar outcome—a knowledge management solution that revolutionized and optimized the way they develop products.

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During your consultation, we will explore how Auros IQ can help transform your business by increasing product development efficiencies, reducing errors and costs, and effectively helping you to manage knowledge.

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