About Us

Our Vision

At Auros Knowledge Systems, our vision is to transform the way knowledge is captured, shared, and reused.

Our Mission

At Auros Knowledge Systems, our mission is to develop next generation knowledge based solutions and to provide services that promote and enable their adoption. Auros differentiates itself by emphasizing these important qualities: active, bottom-up, adaptive, intelligent, predictive, and highly-secure.

Helping organizations exploit organizational knowledge

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About Auros Knowledge Systems

Auros is the leading enterprise solution for a fundamentally new approach to managing technical knowledge – called ‘Knowledge Aware.’

Auros Knowledge Systems is the developer and leader in providing Knowledge Aware software and services. We have become the go-to enterprise solution for active knowledge, which has proven valuable in multiple disciplines, including: manufacturing engineering, plant operations, product developmentproject management, supplier quality, and quality. Auros is used by over 36,000 active global users, at many successful globally recognized organizations.

At Auros Knowledge Systems, our team is committed to developing next-generation knowledge based solutions and to provide services that promote and enable their adoption. We have the ability to take on the most complex, high stakes knowledge management challenges in the highly interconnected world of advanced manufacturing. Other than Auros being the only Knowledge Aware software and service provider, there are many other reasons you should choose Auros as your knowledge management provider. Our software, services, and core values speak for themselves.

Our Software

We know it’s great, not just because our customers tell us, but because we use it in every department of our own organization. Auros software is built around these fundamental pillars: transforming knowledge into ‘Active’ knowledge, adaptive, organic adoption, and highly secure.

Our Services

Using the Knowledge Aware approach is new for many, so we make sure your organization has the resources and training it needs to be successful. We are committed to long-term customer success, through high-quality consulting, customer support, and continuous innovation of product. As a customer, you will have assigned application engineers, an account manager, and training staff to make sure you get the most out of the Auros system.

Our Core Values

Do the Right Thing

It’s plain and simple – we do the right thing, no matter what. This means that our decisions and actions are made in the best interest of our customers.

Trust the Team

“A team without trust isn’t really a team.” We work together with respect, full-support, and confidence, and you’ll see those qualities when you work with us.

Take Initiative

We are continuously seeking ways to improve the experiences you have with Auros by being proactive to prevent obstacles and continuously improving our software and support.

Be Accountable

When we say we will do something, we do it. Which means that our actions are reflected around what we promise our customers and team.

Be Passionate

We are true Knowledge Aware evangelists and practitioners. We believe in our own product and use it in every department to drive our business.

Listen and Be Open

We take customer and employee feedback seriously. In fact, your suggestions are what drives our system enhancements.

Learn How Auros Can Help

Our customers have adopted the Auros software to help with several of their major industry challenges, including: warranty issues, maintaining consistent quality, workforce efficiency, retiring workforce, loss of intellectual capital, and training new hires. To learn how your organization can benefit from Auros like they did, schedule a complimentary demo of the Auros system.

From a demo, you will be able to gain a full understanding of the Auros software and its benefits, learn about the approach our software embodies, and how it can be implemented across multiple disciplines.