The only Knowledge Operating System to simplify your critical product development processes by managing knowledge and sharing it with people as they need it — all within the flow of work.


40,000+ engineers and professionals are quickly powering up their critical processes.

“I didn’t want to leave our old XLS based process and now I can’t imagine how we used to get the job done. Auros allows us to do so much more.”- Business Unit Requirements Manager, Automotive Tier 1
“We wanted to actively integrate knowledge into the design process. One of the things we liked about Auros were these ‘Assessments’ that helped take this and put it in front of your engineers, so they have to interact with the knowledge.”- Foundation Brake Knowledge Integrator, Automotive Tier 1
“The search-ability by K-PAC elements is exactly what we’ve been dreaming about here for years.”- Senior Engineer, Automotive Tier 1
“Every one of our (CAD/KBE) applications today have a backend of Auros.”-
“We use a lot of different software, but Auros is one that is actually valuable.”-
“Auros demonstrated a clear time and efficiency advantage over the existing web repository process.”-

Manage knowledge intelligently
& simplify critical engineering processes with confidence.

  • Foster continuous knowledge capture and reuse
  • Unify siloed knowledge repositories
  • Increase project accuracy & workflow efficiency

Auros IQ operates on the unique Knowledge Aware approach. Unlike traditional knowledge management strategies, this approach ensures the continuous capturing of knowledge and provisions it to the right person at the right time — directly into their flow of work.

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