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Our Knowledge Aware software replaces passive libraries with active knowledge,

delivering only the precise information, when and where it’s needed.

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Auros is the leading developer of next generation knowledge based solutions. We are committed to providing long-term customer success and provide best-in-class technology and services.

Our Software

Our software embodies the ‘Knowledge Aware’ approach to knowledge management. Auros captures knowledge and delivers it to others when and where it’s needed.

36,000+ Active Global Users

Auros is used by many successful globally recognized organizations in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, and many other industries.

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Auros is the leading Knowledge Aware software and service provider

Knowledge is a powerful asset that companies are not effectively leveraging, because it often goes unused. It’s held in passive documents that sit lost in different locations, spread out over countless different silos. Auros takes knowledge out of documents and put it into a software tool that intelligently delivers knowledge to users in their flow of work; activating it to ensure it gets reused.

Eliminates Recurring Mistakes

The application of past knowledge can be used to help improve an outcome or prevent repeated mistakes.

Preserves and Shares Knowledge

The process to capture and share knowledge across individuals, languages and time is efficient, effective, visible, and continuous.

Improves Enterprise Efficiency

Both Product Development and Manufacturing engineering cycle times can be reduced; increasing productivity.

Reduces Undesirable Variation

Reduced costly variation across people, projects, geography, and time for both products and processes.

Reduces the Enterprise IT Footprint

Existing engineering tools and systems can be unified, which significantly reduces the net IT footprint.

Who We Are

Auros Knowledge Systems is the leading developer of next generation knowledge based solutions. We are committed to long-term customer success and provide best-in-class technology and services. Our team has a passion for the Knowledge Aware approach, which has proven itself to be transformative to its early adopters. We have developed a unique, organic method for on-boarding our customers; allowing them to start small and accelerate their demand-driven growth. In addition to the benefits our software provides, here are reasons that Auros is trusted as the leading Knowledge Aware provider:

  • We are committed to providing long-term customer success
  • We have proven methods that make adoption easy
  • Our solution is flexible and adaptive to your needs
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Our Software and Services

The Auros software embodies the ‘Knowledge Aware’ approach to knowledge management. Auros captures essential knowledge, breaks it down into digestible bite-sized pieces, and delivers it when and where it’s needed. Instead of searching for information, employees encounter reusable knowledge directly within the flow-of-work. Trusted by many successful organizations, Auros is adaptive, intelligent, highly-secure, and predictive.

Through high-quality consulting, customer support, and continuous innovation of product, our support team is committed to making your organization successful with Auros. We make sure your organization has the resources and training it needs to be successful.

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The Knowledge Aware Approach

The Knowledge Aware approach is a coherent and comprehensive enterprise-level Knowledge Management strategy and technique. Unlike traditional knowledge management strategies, the Knowledge Aware approach activates knowledge in the flow-of-work. This approach continuously captures knowledge from best practices, employee knowledge, lessons learned, methods, requirements, standards, techniques, and other resources, breaks it down into digestible bite-sized pieces, and provisions it to the right person when and where it’s needed. Activating knowledge in the flow-of-work, technical decision-making, and analysis is positively influenced, which improves organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and product quality.


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Recognized as a growing and valued knowledge management approach, the International Knowledge Aware Association was formed to educate and to champion organizations on the Knowledge Aware approach.

Auros Knowledge Systems is the leading Knowledge Aware software and service provider across the globe

Featured Capabilities

There are many reasons organizations choose to adopt the Auros solution. However, users often find new ways it can be utilized beyond its original intended use. Whether you’re an advanced user or you’re just now considering Auros for the first time, we suggest that you consider exploring all the potential opportunities that your organization can benefit from so that you can get the most out of Auros.
Our software and services will help you

Exploit Your Organizational Knowledge

With Auros, knowledge is continuously being captured, shared, and reused across the enterprise. Eliminating the need to search for what is needed, knowledge is automatically delivered to employees when it’s needed. When knowledge is active in the flow of work, the organization begins to operate more efficiently and effectively than ever before – bringing it to a state of Knowledge Aware.

Knowledge Aware Is In Your Future

It’s Inevitable

The Knowledge Aware approach provides its users with a competitive advantage by providing a more efficient and effective way to operate and share technical knowledge. Through it, organizational knowledge is turned into a valuable asset that drives efficiency and spurs innovation. More organizations are realizing the need for a more effective and seamless solution to maintain and ensure the reuse of their organizational knowledge. Establishing proficiency in Knowledge Aware today may be the most important strategy for achieving success tomorrow. Will your organization be one of the industry leaders that adopt Knowledge Aware now, or an industry laggard that will be catching up later?

Over 36,000 Global Active Users… and Counting

“I didn’t want to leave our old XLS based process and now I can’t imagine how we used to get the job done. Auros allows us to do so much more.”- Automotive Tier 1- Business Unit Requirements Manager
“We wanted to actively integrate knowledge into the design process. One of the things we liked about Auros were these ‘Assessments’ that helped take this and put it in front of your engineers, so they have to interact with the knowledge.”- Automotive Tier 1 - Foundation Brake Knowledge Integrator
“The search-ability by K-PAC elements is exactly what we’ve been dreaming about here for years.”- Automotive Tier 1 - Senior Engineer
“Every one of our (CAD/KBE) applications today have a backend of Auros”- Transportation and Defense - Engineering Director

Learn How the Knowledge Aware Approach Can Help

During the 60-minute consultation, a lead Knowledge Aware consultant will show you everything you need to know about the Knowledge Aware approach, such as: how it works, how other organizations use it, and the opportunities it has for your organization.  Your team will learn whether the Knowledge Aware approach is right for your organization and gain a better understanding of how your organizational knowledge can be more effectively captured and reused.