Quality departments frequently have difficulty ensuring that past mistakes in design, engineering, and manufacturing are not repeated. Many organizations try to solve their warranty and quality problems by creating static lessons-learned libraries or databases. But static knowledge can’t easily be delivered to teams within the process of their daily work, and static knowledge may not easily be found. Auros IQ ensures that up-to-date knowledge is delivered to the right person, at the right time, as they undertake their daily tasks.


  • Helps implement a standardized approach to design features and parts
  • Reduces the number of manufacturing issues related to design decisions
  • Improves the visibility of the plant KPIs and other measurables
  • Creates repeatable and robust quality procedures and methods
  • Creates more consistent and robust problem solving across plants and teams
  • Standardize design for quality concepts provisioned back to product development
  • Corrective actions and best practices managed in Auros and provisioned back to engineering
  • Improved tracking and fidelity of Permanent Corrective Actions
Quality Auros

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Developed by Auros Knowledge Systems, Knowledge Aware is a comprehensive approach to continuously collect, deliver, and actively apply trusted knowledge directly into an employee’s work-flow. Unlike traditional knowledge management strategies, this unique approach not only captures knowledge from best practices, employee knowledge, lessons learned, methods, requirements, standards, and techniques—but also delivers the knowledge when and where it’s needed. Auros IQ operates on the basis of the Knowledge Aware approach to improve technical decision-making and analysis, and increase organizational efficiency and product quality.