What could

Auros Knowledge Systems

achieve if lessons learned and best practices were effectively shared across plants?

Auros IQ helps you get there.

Auros IQ has a solution for your Manufacturing Engineering needs

Manufacturing Engineering teams are tasked with managing work between Product Engineering and Manufacturing. Since these two different environments are steeped in PLM and ERP, we often find that Manufacturing Engineering teams fall back to relying on spreadsheets to manage their work, because it allows them to control their own view. Unfortunately, this only adds a layer of complexity, as these spreadsheets get copied between projects, and the learning that happens becomes buried, lost, or still stuck in the heads of the individuals. 

Auros IQ provides Manufacturing Engineering teams with a systematic approach to replacing their documents and allows them to capture, share, and reuse their knowledge so that lessons learned become the mode of communication between Product Engineering and Manufacturing. 


Does your organization face any of these Manufacturing Engineering challenges? Auros IQ can help with that.

Engineering lacking capabilities to Design for Manufacturing

Auros IQ reduces the cost of manufacturing by reducing design iterations due to manufacturing feasibility.

Inconsistent Processes and Problem Solving Across Facilities

Auros IQ reduces undesirable variation in manufacturing processes and methods across distinct manufacturing facilities.

Failure to Share Lessons and Best Practices Across Plants

Auros IQ improves performance through sharing of continuous learning across teams, languages, and time.

Difficulty Maintaining Equipment

Auros IQ provides accurate maintenance procedures and best practices around plant equipment, which improves quality and downtime.

Launch Issues

Auros IQ reduces the frequency of common issues through improved communication and visibility of launch issues.

Auros IQ Integrates Directly Within Your Existing Workflow

So that your organization can leverage the benefits that the Auros IQ software provides, we have the ability to connect with any web-based API system, including CAD / CAE. This complementary approach allows your organization to utilize the features of Auros IQ directly in your existing workflow. While many customers have used our API toolkit to build their own connectors, Auros software provides out-of-the-box capabilities to connect to a variety of PLM tools; including Teamcenter and the most popular 3D solid modeling systems (NX®, CATIA®, Creo®, and SolidWorks®).

With dozens of available capabilities, Auros IQ also eliminates the need for some of the most commonly used project management systems, including ad hoc lists, checklists, disconnected documents, MS Project Plans, standard work documents, and SharePoint®.

How Auros IQ Can Be Used

Manufacturing Engineering teams can use Auros to address many of their tasks. Some include:

  • Sharing and implementing best practices and standard work across plants
  • Implementing and delivering DFM standards directly within product design; improving overall manufacturability
  • Managing and sharing maintenance procedures and best practices
  • Managing, sharing, and resolving the root cause of launch issues

Featured Auros Capabilities Specific for Manufacturing Engineering

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Best Practices

Auros provides the ability to eliminate the delay between Best Practice creation and utilization can provide a competitive advantage for your organization.

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Operational Health Reporting

Auros’s dynamic reporting capabilities allow companies to identify quality issues earlier and provide resolutions much quicker, resulting in reduced warranty costs and improved customer satisfaction.

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Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly

Auros allows manufacturing teams to create, maintain and publish Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) standards which can be automatically delivered to and evaluated by the design team.

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Lessons Learned and Read Across

Auros captures Lessons Learned from a project and rapidly deploys the Lesson Learned across projects, teams, and locations. Integrating these lessons into the flow of work helps drive better decision making and prevents recurring mistakes.

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Best Practices

Auros provides organizations the ability to quickly create and dynamically deploy structured Best Practices across multiple business applications. Auros provides the ability to eliminate the delay between Best Practice creation and utilization can provide a competitive advantage for your organization.

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Physical Systems Sign Off

With Auros, the evaluation can be easily delivered to the evaluator, which can be tracked, monitored, and reported.

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Virtual Build Assessment

Auros converts tacit (tribal) knowledge from the seasoned virtual build participants and converts it into explicit knowledge that can be delivered to less experienced personnel, enabling them to evaluate the products, processes, tools and plant operations with the same level of fidelity.

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Requirements Engineering and Compliance

The Auros system provides a robust regulatory compliance management tool. Providing detailed evaluation evidence and reporting verification status needed to mitigate risk and satisfy audit processes.

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Design Review and Engineering Sign-Off (ESO)

Auros proactively alleviates the documentation gathering pain, by providing pertinent information to users throughout each milestone, saving the organization time and resources. As projects/processes use this information, interactions and evaluations are being tracked and monitored continuously within the system.

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Learn How the Knowledge Aware Approach Can Help

During the 60-minute consultation, a lead Knowledge Aware consultant will show you everything you need to know about the Knowledge Aware approach, such as: how it works, how other organizations use it, and the opportunities it has for your organization.  Your team will learn whether the Knowledge Aware approach is right for your organization and gain a better understanding of how your organizational knowledge can be more effectively captured and reused.

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