Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering teams handle PLM and ERP tasks, so often rely on spreadsheets to manage their work as it allows them to control their own view. Unfortunately, these spreadsheets get copied between projects. Critical information and lessons learned sometimes become buried or remain siloed between individual employees. Auros IQ provides Manufacturing Engineering teams with a systematic approach to replacing their documents and allows them to capture, share, and reuse their knowledge — ensuring lessons learned become the mode of communication between Product Engineering and Manufacturing.


  • Reduces the cost of manufacturing by reducing design iterations due to manufacturing feasibility
  • Reduces undesirable variations in manufacturing processes and methods across distinct manufacturing facilities
  • Improves performance through sharing of continuous learning across teams, languages, and time
  • Provides accurate maintenance procedures and best-practices around plant equipment, which improves quality and downtime
  • Reduces the frequency of common issues through improved communication and visibility of launch issues
  • Provisions and delivers DFM standards directly within product design, which improves overall manufacturability
  • Provisions and shares maintenance procedures, best practices, and resolves launch issues
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Developed by Auros Knowledge Systems, Knowledge Aware is a comprehensive approach to continuously collect, deliver, and actively apply trusted knowledge directly into an employee’s work-flow. Unlike traditional knowledge management strategies, this unique approach not only captures knowledge from best practices, employee knowledge, lessons learned, methods, requirements, standards, and techniques—but also delivers the knowledge when and where it’s needed. Auros IQ operates on the basis of the Knowledge Aware approach to improve technical decision-making and analysis, and increase organizational efficiency and product quality.