Auros is Transforming the Way Knowledge is Captured, Shared, and Reused

Most organizations hold high standards to operate more efficiently and to provide a better-quality product, yet they continuously get set back as issues arise. With the help of Auros software and services, our customers are able to resolve their problems by transforming the way their knowledge is captured, shared, and reused.

Unlike traditional knowledge management strategies, the Auros software captures valuable knowledge in digestible, bite-sized pieces and delivers it to other employees and teams when and where they need it with real-time visibility to the conformance and evaluation of the knowledge. Instead of searching for information, important knowledge is effortlessly and continuously being captured, reused, and validated; which positively influences technical decision making, saving the organization valuable resources and time. Trusted by many successful organizations, Auros is adaptive, highly-secure, intelligent, and predictive.

Our Software

The Auros software is a Knowledge Aware solution to managing your technical knowledge, such as: best practices, employee knowledge, lessons learned, methods, requirements, standards, and techniques. Our software integrates with most systems, so employees won’t have to leave what they’re doing to find what they need. User licenses can be purchased and conveniently hosted either in-house or with a cloud-based server. Every license is fully-functional with all the Auros capabilities – so teams can hit the ground running without additional configuration.

Our Services

Our support services are also included with our software. Our team will equip you with the right resources and training to be successful. Knowledge Aware software may be new for many of your employees, so we take the time to make sure your team gets the most out of the Auros system. We are committed to providing long-term customer success through high-quality consulting, customer support, and continuous innovation of product. As a customer, you will have an assigned account manager and a team of application engineers to help you along the way.

With Auros, organizations can receive the following benefits:

  • Recurring mistakes will be eliminated: The application of past knowledge can be used to help improve an outcome or prevent repeated mistakes.
  • Engineering efficiency will be improved: Both Product Development and Manufacturing engineering cycle times can be reduced, increasing productivity.
  • Undesirable engineering variation will be reduced: Reduced costly variation across people, projects, geography, and time for both products and processes.
  • Enterprise IT footprint will be reduced: Existing engineering tools and systems can be unified, which significantly reduces the net IT footprint.
  • Knowledge is captured, shared, validated, and preserved: Knowledge is broken down into digestible bite-sized pieces, and is readily available in their workflow – making it more likely to be used. Our process to capture and share knowledge is efficient, effective, visible, and continuous.

Unfamiliar with Knowledge Aware?

The Knowledge Aware approach is a coherent and comprehensive enterprise-level Knowledge Management strategy and technique.

How it’s different: Unlike traditional knowledge management strategies, the Knowledge Aware approach activates knowledge in the flow-of-work. Employees no longer have to search for knowledge, such as: standards, best practices, lessons learned, methods, and requirements to do their job. Instead, the knowledge that’s needed is delivered directly in the flow-of-work, which positively influences technical decision-making and analysis.

Learn More About the Knowledge Aware Approach
Visit the International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA) Website

Auros Positively Impacts Your Entire Organization

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Why Use Auros as Your Knowledge Aware Provider?

Like most organizations, you may find that your current knowledge management strategy doesn’t effectively capture and share knowledge as well as it was intended; whether you’re using document vaults, checklists, human recall, or custom solutions, this is common. Although these solutions store knowledge well, there are still many setbacks, such as: information quickly becomes out of date, is difficult to locate, and lacks the ability to link related knowledge. In addition to the unique characteristics the Auros software offers, here are some ways that make it different, and better than the rest:

Auros Makes Your Knowledge ‘Active’ in Decisions

Auros has the unique capability to deliver knowledge when and where it’s needed – taking a more active role in the decision-making process. This cannot be achieved in the form of documents, wikis, search engines, or KBE tools.

Auros Organically Adopts Within Your Organization

Many other solutions that require a ‘Top-Down’ approach are difficult to adopt. We simplify the adoption process by taking a more organic approach. This allows communities to organically form, ensuring a smoother adoption across the organization.

Auros is Adaptive, Intelligent, Predictive, and Highly-Secure

Auros connects your teams on multiple levels, works in your existing workflow, and can be adaptive to your organization’s needs. More importantly, Auros is reliable, highly-secure, and trusted by many successful organizations.

We’re True Believers in Our Own Product

Our team is passionate about what we do and serve as true Knowledge Aware evangelists and practitioners. In fact, we use Auros in every department of our business. This allows us to better understand our customers and to discover opportunities for improvement.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to long-term customer success through high-quality consulting, customer support, and continuous innovation of product. Using the Knowledge Aware approach may be new to many, so we make sure your organization has the resources and training it needs to be successful.

We Listen to Our Customers

In efforts to continuously improve the Auros system, our team is continuously and actively listening to customer and employee feedback. In fact, your suggestions are what drives our system enhancements.

Access Auros On Any Device with the Auros App

The Auros system is available whenever and wherever you need it – through desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. This allows your employees to efficiently stay connected whether they’re at their desk or on the plant floor.

Unique Reporting Features

Auros offers over 20 unique reports directly in the Auros system. The reports are around focused around providing insight into knowledge use, conformance activities, and issues.

With Auros, you can have finally have peace of mind that knowledge is continuously being captured, shared, and reused across the organization. Auros Knowledge Systems is the leader in providing Knowledge Aware software and services and has rapidly become the go-to solution to provide value across multiple disciplines. We are confident in saying that because of the positive testimonies and feedback from our customers.

Auros Organically Adopts Within Your Organization

Systems that use a top-down approach can be challenging. We take the unnecessary work out of the adoption process and use an organic ‘Bottom-Up’ approach. This means that communities organically form and quickly pick up more users. Once a department realizes what Auros is capable of, others quickly want in on its benefits. You can see how quickly the number of users multiplies in the User Growth chart.  Ready to take the next step? Schedule a complimentary demo on the Auros system.

User Growth


Auros Can Integrate with Your System of Choice

Auros can connect with a variety of systems. With these integrations, your teams will be able to access all the features and benefits of Auros, directly in your existing workflow. Our team is constantly working on adding new integration partners, however, these are some of the available connectors: AutoCAD™ Connector,  Catia® Connector, Creo® Connector, NX® Knowledge Connector, Solidworks® Knowledge Connector, Team Center® Knowledge Connector, and General Knowledge Connector (to establish all new Knowledge Connectors).

Auros is used by over 36,000 active global users and many successful globally recognized organizations

Auros Knowledge Systems is the leading Knowledge Aware software and service provider; with over 36,000 active global users and counting. Over 36,000 active global users and many successful globally recognized organizations use Auros.

“I’m very happy with the responsiveness of the Auros team. Every time we give them a suggestion, they jump on it. That gives me confidence to really move forward with the tool.”-
“We wanted to actively integrate knowledge into the design process. One of the things we liked about Auros were these ‘Assessments’ that helped take this and put it in front of your engineers, so they have to interact with the knowledge.”-
“Auros demonstrates a clear time and efficiency advantage.”-

Knowledge Aware Resources


The Beginner’s Guide to Knowledge Aware whitepaper will give you a better understanding of the Knowledge Aware approach, its importance, an explanation of how it works, the progenitors, and an understanding of the strategy behind its implementation.

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The 5 Signs You Need Knowledge Aware infographic will help pinpoint some of the difficulties your organization may be facing within its current knowledge management approach. It will also show you how you can benefit from the Knowledge Aware approach.

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Comparison Guides

With these guides, you can learn how Auros is different than the other knowledge management systems, such as: SharePoint®, PLM, and Requirements Management. You’ll learn about the distinct purchases, features, and how they are implemented.

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Knowledge Aware Maturity Model

With the Knowledge Aware Maturity Model, you can, at a glance, better understand the maturity levels. Each level breaks down the scope of enterprise engagement, the retained knowledge, the knowledge allocation, and the organization’s demand and health.

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The Knowledge Aware approach is a fairly new solution to managing knowledge. You probably have questions and we have answers. Visit our Forum to receive answers to your questions. Questions range from the basic concept to strategic adoption.

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Take a look at the video library on the Auros YouTube channel; where you can gain a better understanding of the Knowledge Aware approach and the features built into it. The videos will break down the concept into an easy to understand point of view.

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