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Engineers often spend vast amounts of time searching for documents, filling out reports, attending meetings, and tracking down others for updates — but this is changing rapidly. Auros IQ is designed to help technical workers perform more efficiently and effectively. By replacing multiple documents and sources of information with unit-sized executables, information is dynamically delivered to the right people, at the right time to help them get their work done. Reporting is automatically generated and saves teams between 15% to 70% of their time. Auros IQ provides knowledge management solutions to organizations with a competitive advantage to ensure that their knowledge is used and applied properly across projects.

Auros IQ Solutions

Robust deployment and re-use of standards to your projects wherever and whenever needed.

  • Built-in validation, tracking, auditing, and evidence-gathering capabilities
  • Stream-lined Authorship, Review, and Approval
  • Model-based requirements and standards
  • AI-based knowledge health insights and maintenance
  • On-the-fly customer specification built from standards
  • Version Control and full change histories

Comprehensive collaborative project management toolset

  • Team’s Project activities in one effective shared
  • Team KPIs and customer reports, analytics, and shared dashboard
  • Both Standard Work and Ad Hoc Work in one spot. Utilizing Lean/Kan Ban methodology
  • Interactive and visual Process tracking and reporting
  • Generative Gantt Chart derived from deliverables and logical process plan
  • Automated system and notifications ensure individuals and teams receive deadline reminders, updated task information

Robust reuse and automated provisioning of lessons to your projects whenever and wherever needed.

  • Customizable lessons templates and workflows
  • Stream-lined Authorship, Review, and Approval
  • AI-based knowledge health insights and maintenance
  • Built-in validation, tracking, and evidence-gathering capabilities

Accurately deploys your company’s standards, lessons, and requirements to the design review process

  • Look-Across one click to access the detailed report of all past implementations of the requirement or standard
  • Built-in validation, tracking, auditing, and evidence-gathering capabilities
  • Process visualization allows teams to visualize when and how to conduct both synchronous and asynchronous design review events
  • Track and report on key deliverables, status, and risks including status, evidence, discussion, issues, and attachments
  • Dynamic Open Issue Reporting and Tracking
  • Robust automated evidence gathering for effortless and worry-free auditing

Provisions and evaluates standards and requirements in CAD.

  • Drives and/or checks parts or assembly models
  • Provides timesaving guidance directly with CAD development process
  • Provides detailed conformance/compliance insights useful in validation processes like design review
  • Allows knowledge and experience to flow into design processes

Actively integrates requirements and standards into the Systems Engineering process.

  • Key Parameter definition and library for use in Requirement modeling. Key Parameter can be shared across requirements allowing ‘Parameter Threading’ and a new dimension to traceability
  • Requirement Engineering – excels where requirement re-use and provisioning is imperative
  • Model based approach to requirements allows requirements to drive and/or evaluate systems models (MBSE)

Effective Systems Integration

Connect Auros IQ to your web-based API system including PLM workflows, CAD / CAE, and others


Unique Approach, Transformative Results

Developed by Auros Knowledge Systems, Knowledge Aware is a comprehensive approach to continuously collect, deliver, and actively apply trusted knowledge directly into an employee’s workflow. Unlike traditional knowledge management strategies, this unique approach not only captures knowledge from best practices, employee knowledge, lessons learned, methods, requirements, standards, and techniques—but also delivers the knowledge when and where it’s needed. Auros IQ operates on the basis of the Knowledge Aware approach to improve technical decision-making and analysis, and increase organizational efficiency and product quality.

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