Project Management & Agile Team Collaboration

Most organizations utilize disconnected tools and processes such as project management tracking software, presentation slides, disconnected reports, and multi-tab spreadsheets. These frequently result in unnecessary meetings, overflowing emails, and constant firefighting. Auros IQ changes the paradigm and ensures that important tools and processes are integrated, while knowledge is effortlessly and continuously captured, validated, delivered, and reused. Improve your technical decision-making and save valuable time and resources.


  • Provides consistent project management techniques and methods across projects and teams
  • Automates reporting and tracking of project measurables
  • Provides highly visible and consistent data-driven risk measurements
  • Improves communication among all team members, eliminating the need for multiple meetings
  • Provides a clear high-level view of project KPI’s for the executive management team
  • Provides useful timelines, deliverables management, and KPI management
  • Real-time visibility to risk during project execution
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Effective Systems Integration

Connect Auros IQ to your web-based API system including PLM workflows, CAD / CAE, and others


Unique Approach,

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Developed by Auros Knowledge Systems, Knowledge Aware is a comprehensive approach to continuously collect, deliver, and actively apply trusted knowledge directly into an employee’s work-flow. Unlike traditional knowledge management strategies, this unique approach not only captures knowledge from best practices, employee knowledge, lessons learned, methods, requirements, standards, and techniques—but also delivers the knowledge when and where it’s needed. Auros IQ operates on the basis of the Knowledge Aware approach to improve technical decision-making and analysis, and increase organizational efficiency and product quality.