Auros IQ Helping Ford Motor Company Reopen Plants and Facilities

LIVONIA, Mich., June 30, 2020 — Auros Knowledge Management Systems is playing a key role in helping Ford Motor Company safely reopen and validate COVID19 procedures daily at all plants and facilities across the globe.

At Ford Motor Company, Auros IQ was quickly identified as the platform to capture, distribute, and report compliance to policies early in their Return to Work initiative.

Using Auros IQ, Ford Motor Company can distribute changes in policies, ensuring employees always have up to date information, while streamlining the production of management reports.

“With the importance of workforce health and safety in mind, we’re pleased to be able to support Ford’s Return to Work efforts, helping ensure their employees and facilities remain safe.” – Josh Kullis, Technical Services Manager and Knowledge Aware Consultant at Auros Knowledge Systems.


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