Auros Releases Major System Enhancements to their Knowledge Based System

Auros announces its new v 08 00 system enhancements available for 36,000+ active global users.

DEARBORN, Mich.Aug. 30, 2017 — On September 1, 2017, Auros Knowledge Systems released major system enhancements to their knowledge based system to improve response times, computational efficiency, and the visual design.

Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, and Plant Operations customers will greatly benefit from the v 08 00 System Enhancements. In their fast-moving schedule, engineers once found it difficult to access the information needed when away from their computer, and now with the enhanced software, Auros has made it easy. As one of the enhancements, Auros has launched a new mobile application, allowing users to perform Assessments anywhere and anytime.

In addition to the new Auros mobile application, here are some of the other key features from the release:

  • Team Board and Project Space Expansions
  • Systems Engineering: Parameter Analytics and Traceability
  • Hashtag links and Hovercards across Auros

As the leading active knowledge system, these enhancements will allow Auros to stand out beyond what their competitors can offer; an enterprise-wide solution to capture, share and reuse technical knowledge.

The upgrades were the results of a customer-oriented product development roadmap. Auros leadership consistently works closely with their customers to learn how they can improve the user experience.

“We take customer feedback seriously. With the help of their recommendations, we will continue to build a more robust system, to help eliminate their problems and to make their jobs easier,” said Auros President, Jeff Moffa.

Customers may upgrade to the newest v 08 00 Auros software by working directly with their Auros Application Engineer. For more information about the Auros v 08 00 system enhancement, visit

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About Auros Knowledge Systems
Auros Knowledge Systems is the leading enterprise solution for a fundamentally new approach to managing technical knowledge, through Knowledge Aware Engineering. By converting traditional reference libraries into ‘Active Knowledge,’ Auros software has rapidly become the go-to solution to provide value across multiple disciplines, including design, engineering, manufacturing, quality, and plant operations. With over 36,000 active global users, Auros is delivering knowledge in the flow-of-work for major corporations in the automotive, aerospace & defense, consumer products, heavy manufacturing, and high-tech / electronics industries. To learn more about Auros, visit