Auros Uses AI to Transform The Way Knowledge Is Captured, Shared, And Reused

LIVONIA, Mich., Feb. 17, 2020 — On February 17, 2020, Auros Knowledge Systems released major enhancements to their knowledge-based system, Auros IQ 3, to help organizations efficiently promote data-driven, closed-loop, and continuous learning.

Using AI, meaningful patterns of knowledge reuse within Auros IQ are detected. These patterns are prioritized and presented back to relevant teams as Learning Opportunities. Auros IQ then curates a collaborative process of transitioning a Learning Opportunity into formalized knowledge that is ready for reuse by others. Collectively, this process is called an “Auros IQ Learning Cycle.”

Recent Auros IQ Enhancements
IQ 3 Learning Cycles

“Because Auros manages knowledge directly and not in documents, Auros is uniquely able to collect data about how knowledge gets reused. The use of this data in creating impactful insights differentiates the Auros strategy. Auros is committed to developing next generation AI-enabled knowledge management solutions,” said Jeff Moffa, Auros Knowledge Systems President.

In addition to the Learning Cycles functionality, the following innovative features are also available in Auros IQ 3:

AI High Cohesion Clusters

Auros IQ will proactively identify and cluster highly related Knowledge Packets based on patterns found across Knowledge Packets, Issues, and Communities of Practice.

Proximity Search

Visual and computational improvements provide an enhanced user experience when automatically identifying relationships among Knowledge Packets and or Issues.

Customizable Guided Tours

Continuing to drive toward an enhanced user experience and ease of use, Auros IQ introduces the concept of customizable end user guided tours. These guided tours make the on-boarding of new users a snap.

Customers can upgrade to the newest Auros IQ 3 software by working directly with their Auros Application Engineer. For more information about Auros IQ, download the release document at


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