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The Auros Knowledge Connector Suite Integrates Critical Design Knowledge Into Your Design Projects With Ease

Auros Knowledge Connectors integrate knowledge including requirements, standards, and design guides directly into CAD models. Organizations which utilize the connector’s capabilities benefit from increased consistency, efficiency, collaboration, competitiveness, and regulatory compliance. These benefits empower companies to design better products, increase their market share, and maintain vital reputation and credibility. The connectors provide organizations with connectivity to Auros IQ using an easy-to-navigate portal. Critical knowledge is integrated into your design work at the right time in the process, while using Smart CAD software.

Auros Knowledge Connector Benefits

Integrating knowledge such as design guides, best practices, and lessons learned directly into a CAD model ensures consistency and quality of design by incorporating the most up-to-date knowledge and guidelines.

Automated validation enables you to move through each step of the design process with confidence, as requirements and standards knowledge is integrated at the appropriate stage.

The ability to meet regulatory requirements and standards increases. By incorporating the latest regulations and guidelines, you can ensure designs meet the necessary requirements and reduce the risk of non-compliance. This can help your organization to avoid costly penalties and legal consequences while protecting its reputation and credibility.

Streamline the design process by eliminating the need for manual research and documentation. This saves time and resources, enabling you to access critical knowledge in real-time without switching between multiple applications or platforms.

Maintain a competitive advantage by providing a unique and more efficient
design process. By leveraging the latest design guidelines and best practices, you can stay ahead of the curve and improve overall design capabilities — helping you to differentiate your organization from its competitors
and increase market share.

A Growing Suite of Auros Knowledge Connectors

The suite of Knowledge Connectors continues to expand. Auros NX™ Connector joins the list as the newest addition to the suite, which collectively delivers convenient integration and a robust toolset to simplify your critical design processes.

Auros NX™ Connector
Auros CATIA™ Connector
Auros Creo™ Connector
Auros SOLIDWORKS® Connector
Auros AutoCAD™ Connector 

How do the Auros Knowledge Connectors Work?

The connectors are a set of off-the-shelf tools which integrate with each Smart CAD program. Knowledge from Auros IQ is provisioned and evaluated continuously within your modeling environment.

Aurosks Connectors
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