Engineering and Design Standards

Engineering and Design Standards

In today’s competitive product development markets, design standards are necessary and need to be defined, monitored and controlled. Auros allows organizations the ability to quickly create structured design standards that are controlled by individual business units but can be easily shared across multiple business applications. Auros unique capabilities allow these structured design standards to get provisioned throughout the entire design process which eliminates wasted effort of searching and reviewing potentially unrelated or out of date standards.

Highly collaborative on-line, flexible authoring of design standards

Improved reuse of design standards throughout design processes

Ability to create adaptable “in-hand” specification documents customized to the design process

Unified many separate systems for managing Standards

(SharePoint XLS, PDF specifications, custom DBs/portals, requirement libraries, design manuals, checklists)

Examples of Engineering and Design Standards in Auros

Design Standards Auros 1
Design and manufacturing rules are captured as bite size pieces of knowledge.
a tab screenshot of power system assessment control assessment
Design specifications are assessed against the design requirements to ensure full compliance in the process.

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