Tracking & Sharing Return to Work Requirements

Tracking & Sharing Return to Work Requirements

As organizations focus on COVID-19 return to work efforts, requirements and policies are often changing by the hour. Whether it’s certifying sites to reopen, or performing daily safety audits, Auros IQ provides a unique platform to capture, distribute, and report compliance to playbook guidelines. While managing documents requires significant effort to both communicate content changes, as well as produce management reports, applying the Knowledge Aware approach allows team members to focus on value-added activities, and help keep your facilities safe.

Work efforts, requirements, and policies are always up to date across teams and locations

Important protocols and requirements are tracked for compliance

Simple and easy reporting functionality for management

Examples of Return to Work

Standards Checklist
Individualized knowledge is stored in Knowledge Packets. This information is kept up to date and shared with teams and locations in real-time.
Tracking and Sharing: Standards Checklist
Using Assessment Controls, users can evaluate their work environment or themselves against the protocols and requirements set by the organization. This information can then be tracked and reported to management.
  • Date June 10, 2020
  • Tags Human Resources, Manufacturing Engineering, Plant Operations, Supplier Quality