“Cool K-PACs” in the Knowledge Aware Conference Competition

The Annual Knowledge Aware Conference Competition
The Cool K-PAC Competition showcases some of the “coolest” ways people utilize the Auros technology to accomplish different things and solve the problems they have. The competition started at the 2017 Knowledge Aware Conference and continues as an annual tradition. In the competition, three finalists are selected to present their K-PAC in front of a live audience at the annual Knowledge Aware Conference to compete for the “Coolest K-PAC” title. Each finalist presents their K-PAC (Knowledge Packet) and the audience votes for a winner. The winner gets to take home the engraved Cool K-PAC Trophy and bragging rights for the year.

Interested in entering the 2023 Cool K-PAC Competition? Contact your Auros Application Engineer for details.

Knowledge Aware Conference Cool K-pac Competition

2022 Cool K-PAC Competition

WINNER: Document Process Workflows (Chris Pizzo, General Motors)

The Document Process Workflows Knowledge Packet won the 2022 Cool K-PAC Competition.

The K-PAC was authored and presented by Chris Pizzo (General Motors).

Chris Pizzo Headshot Photo

Runner Up: K-PAC Set

Presenter: Darwin Peterson from Spirit AeroSystems

Runner Up: Calculate Maximum Achievable Weighted Scores for an Audit Assessment

Presenter: Susan Bachmann from General Motors

2021 Cool K-PAC Competition

WINNER: Value/Rocker Arm Clearance (John Yancone, FMSNA)

The Value/Rocker Arm Clearance Knowledge Packet won the 2021 Cool K-PAC Competition.

The K-PAC was authored by John Yancone and presented by Steve Boisvert (Auros).

john ynacone

2020 Cool K-PAC Competition

WINNER: Knowledge Based Engineering (Darryl Yarbrough, General Motors)

The Knowledge Based Engineering Knowledge Packet won the 2020 Cool K-PAC Competition.

The K-PAC was authored and presented by Darryl Yarbrough (General Motors).

Cool kpac

Runner Up: Shim Retention Design Rule

Presenter: Mauro Marconcin from ZF

Runner Up: ASTM A36 Steel

Presenter: Jim Carter from MIT Lincoln Labs

2019 Cool K-PAC Competition

WINNER: Fastener Coating Selection (Bill Cook and Nic Cassaday, Navistar)

The Fastener Coating Selection Knowledge Packet won the 2019 Cool K-PAC Competition. This K-PAC is used to select the fastener coating material for their joints on Navistar vehicles. A Value Table was used to gather data, review standards, and refer to past learnings to guide them to select the right coating material.

The K-PAC was authored by Bill Cook and presented by Nic Cassaday (Navistar).

Knowledge Aware Conference Cook Kpac 2019

Runner Up: Clearance Between Bodies

The Clearance Between Bodies K-PAC shares the different clearance bodies depending on if it’s a truck, SUV, and car for General Motors. This K-PAC gives them a quick view on their standard based on the type of vehicle. The Rule Processing Engine helps return the value and a required corrective action.

Presenter: Darryl Yarbrough from General Motors

Runner Up: Internal Readiness CTQs

The Internal Readiness CTQs K-PAC helps Auros identify any roadmaps on any particular software release. It shows the critcal to quality internal readiness requirements.Using a Value Table, Auros can analyze the release phase and its measurements. KPIs are automatically mining data to tell them if the team is ready for an upcoming release.

Presenter: James Wroblewski from Auros Knowledge Systems

2018 Cool K-PAC Competition

WINNER: Global Project Management (GPM) Dashboard (Matt Barron, BorgWarner)

The Global Project Management (GPM) Dashboard Knowledge Packet won the 2018 Cool K-PAC Competition. This K-PAC helps BorgWarner reduce the amount of time entering data in the program dashboard and reduce the overall time to launch. Management can see the health of the program and timelines a single view. The K-PAC also helps BorgWarner understand which key gates they’re missing and why.

The K-PAC was presented by Matt Barron (BorgWarner).

Knowledge Aware Conference Cook Kpac 2018

Runner Up: NX Clearance Checks Based on Stage

The NX Clearnance Checks Based on Stage K-PAC helps General Motors drive part files automatically, adjust sizes, and swapping out the component it’s using.

Presenter: Darryl Yarbrough from General Motors

Runner Up: Simple Bolt Reload Calculations

The Simple Bolt Reload Calculations K-PAC helps MIT Lincoln Labratory to apply torque values consistency and correctly over the course of any of the oparations they’re doing.

Presenter: Jim Carter from MIT Lincoln Laboratory

2017 Cool K-PAC Competition

WINNER: Elastomeric O-Ring Design (Gary Svidron and Jeff Mayhugh, Navistar)

The Elastomeric O-Ring Design Knowledge Packet won the 2017 Cool K-PAC Competition. This K-PAC helps Navistar prevent O-Ring failures by activating their chart into their process using a Value Table.

The K-PAC was authored by Gary Svidron and presented by Jeff Mayhugh (Navistar).

Knowledge Aware Conference Cook Kpac 2017

Runner Up: Which Car Should I Buy? (Tom Valvano, ZF)

The Which Car Should I Buy K-PAC represents an example of how decisions are made at ZF. Using a Value Table, the K-PAC provides knowledge, and a rule processor that will suggest a car based on your interests.

Presenter: Tom Valvano from ZF

Runner Up: Minimum CL Radius vs Hose Diameter

The Minimum CL Radius vs Host Diameter K-PAC helps General Motors provide knowledge into their NX system. Using a Value Table and NX expressions, General Motors is able to calculate if their bend angles, and minimum bend radius will pass their requirements.

Presenter: Jerry Hansons from General Motors