The APQP process, when done correctly, drives collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing across functional groups to ensure customer satisfaction. The core tool set and methodology of APQP helps mitigate risk and minimize failures. Auros complements the core tool set by provisioning knowledge early in the process and helps identify the risks by integrating APQP status into design reviews and process metrics.

Unified tool set across Design Reviews and sign-off events

Reduced end-user effort for APQP

Efficiently compare design verification results to design targets

Examples of APQP in Auros

Auros Knowledge System APQP
The Auros knowledge base contains product- and process-specific Failure Modes and Preventative Actions to streamline DFMEA creation.
APQP Auros
Design issues, process issues, and other types are tracked in a closed-loop process to ensure first-time design success.

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