Lessons Learned Sharing

Lessons Learned Sharing

Time and experience helps teach us lessons from our poor decisions. Unfortunately, in today’s economic markets, organizations cannot afford the time and resources it takes for a lesson to be learned and shared. Auros captures Lessons Learned from a project and rapidly deploys the Lesson Learned across projects, teams, and locations. Integrating these lessons into the flow of work helps drive better decision making and prevents recurring mistakes.

High availability and reuse of Lessons Learned across the entire organization

Lessons Learned are integrated into the flow of work

For example, directly in the design review events

History, Health, and Usage monitoring of Lessons Learned provide better decision making and improved quality

Examples of Lessons Learned Sharing in Auros

Lessons learned are authored and managed in a consistent format that leverages existing knowledge from electronic documents, external data sources, and multimedia libraries.
Dynamic sets of Lessons Learned are automatically allocated and provisioned for review in the design process.

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