Physical Systems Sign-Off

Physical Systems Sign-Off

Creating a safe and efficient work environment inside assembly plants is critical to the success of any organization. Auros has the ability to capture and deliver operational and safety standards for each workstation. Prior to production kick-off, the application of operational and safety standards are consistent for each workstation. With Auros, the evaluation can be easily delivered to the evaluator, which can be tracked, monitored, and reported.

Promotes a safer work environment due to consistent application of standards

Improved visibility of non-conforming assessments

Reduction in operator cycle-time

Reduction in operator inefficiencies

Examples of Physical Systems Sign-Off in Auros

Physical Systems Sign-Off AurosKS
Plant operations and safety standards are managed in an Auros Community of Practice which provides for their review, approval, and release.
Physical Systems Sign-Off
Plant Assessments are assigned and evaluated on a periodic basis.  Individual scores are aggregated into roll-up scores, by category and for the assessment as a whole, to provide visibility to the highest priority items.

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