Auros IQ is transforming the way knowledge is captured, shared, and reused

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Auros IQ in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

It’s not an easy time in the Aerospace and Defense industry. There is a lot of pressure to cut supply chain costs, to contain costs, to deliver backlog orders faster, and to operate with less funding. The complexity in manufacturing is causing an increase in airplane release delays, and the workforce rapidly changes. In addition to that, there has been a breakdown in supply chain reliability, demands to pull in lead times are tighter, and governing bodies with heavy-handed compliance and regulatory requirements are strict. Like most organizations, there are high intentions to operate more efficiently and effectively, but you tirelessly work to deal with setbacks, put out the fires, and solve current problems. So how are these challenges overcome? With the help of the Auros knowledge management systems and services, our customers were able to resolve their problems by transforming the way their knowledge is captured, shared, and reused.

Enterprise-Level Benefits

  • Elimination of recurring mistakes
  • Preservation and sharing of knowledge
  • Improvement of engineering efficiency
  • Reduction of undesirable variation
  • Reduction in the enterprise IT footprint

Benefits Specific to Aerospace and Defense Organizations

  • Time reduction to onboard engineers
  • Increase first-time quality
  • Efficient knowledge capture to retain knowledge base of the aging workforce
  • Document compliance to regulatory standards
  • Ability to quickly and effective roll out new processes

Notable Auros Customers

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“I didn’t want to leave our old XLS based process and now I can’t imagine how we used to get the job done. Auros allows us to do so much more.”

“Auros demonstrated a clear time and efficiency advantage over the existing web repository process.”

What is the Knowledge Aware Approach?

The Knowledge Aware approach is a coherent and comprehensive enterprise-level Knowledge Management strategy and technique. Unlike traditional knowledge management strategies, the Knowledge Aware approach activates knowledge in the flow-of-work. With it, knowledge is continuously being captured from standards, best practices, lessons learned, methods, techniques, requirements, employee knowledge, and other resources, broken down into digestible bite-sized pieces, and provisioned to the right person when and where it’s needed. This approach positively influences decision-making, which creates a more effective and efficient organization and more reliable outputs.

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Who Uses It

Auros IQ is used by over 40,000 active global users and many successful globally recognized organizations. This large aerospace player and many other organizations are using the Knowledge Aware approach and are gaining a competitive advantage over the rest by transforming the way their knowledge is captured, shared, and reused. The Knowledge Aware approach allows these organizations to operate in a state of continuous learning and effortless recall; where knowledge is continuously being captured, shared, and reused across the organization. Soon enough, every organization will transition into this approach to knowledge based engineering – it’s inevitable. Will you join them as an industry leader now or follow them later?


How Auros IQ Can Be Used

Aerospace & Defense organizations can use Auros IQ for multiple areas of their business. Some include:

  • Eliminate lost time searching for knowledge across inter-departmental silos
  • Institutionalize lessons learned to quickly adapt to new technologies
  • Improve knowledge exchange with suppliers and customers
  • Add certainty to the adherence to established best practices
  • Document compliance to regulatory standards
  • Consolidation of knowledge from multiple business units into one common source

Featured Auros Capabilities Specific for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

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Best Practices

Auros provides the ability to eliminate the delay between Best Practice creation and utilization can provide a competitive advantage for your organization.

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Deviation Management

Auros has capabilities to define, approve, reject, and document deviations to requirements and standards.

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Lessons Learned and Read Across

Lessons learned are authored and managed in a consistent format that leverages existing knowledge from electronic documents, external data sources, and multimedia libraries.

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Operational Health Reporting

Auros’s dynamic reporting capabilities allow companies to identify quality issues earlier and provide resolutions much quicker, resulting in reduced warranty costs and improved customer satisfaction.

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Requirements Engineering and Compliance

The Auros system provides a robust regulatory compliance management tool. Providing detailed evaluation evidence and reporting verification status needed to mitigate risk and satisfy audit processes.

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Supplier Capability Analysis

Supplier Capabilities are captured as bite size pieces of knowledge.

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See How Auros IQ Works in a Live Demo

Our customers have adopted the Auros software to help with several of their major industry challenges, including warranty issues, maintaining consistent quality, workforce efficiency, retiring workforce, loss of intellectual capital, and training new hires. To learn how your organization can benefit from Auros IQ, as they did, schedule a complimentary demo of the Auros system.