Auros IQ is transforming the way knowledge is captured, shared, and reused

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Auros IQ in the Automotive Industry

Auros provides visibility to risk as work is being executed, transforming processes to become ‘Knowledge Aware.’

The Automotive industry is fiercely competitive. OEs and Suppliers are constantly worrying about warranty costs, shifting markets, retiring experts, and losing their talent to the competition. Suppliers also have added pressure to reduce prices while maintaining quality and satisfying customers; each of whom wants things done in their own special way.

Many organizations have strong intentions to operate more efficiently and effectively, but their actual working processes rely on outdated techniques, such as word of mouth, fire-fighting, problem-solving workshops, training, and chasing disconnected documents filed away in disconnected systems.

One very popular approach that organizations have taken to solve the problem of managing their knowledge is the ‘Enterprise Library.’ Though this seems like a logical solution, it is only a temporary fix. With the library approach, key knowledge gets buried, lost, locked away, copied down to the desktop, or has multiple versions that are out of sync. So how are these challenges overcome? With the help of Auros software and services, our customers were able to resolve their problems by transforming the way their knowledge is captured, shared, and reused.

Enterprise-Level Benefits

  • Elimination of recurring mistakes
  • Preservation and sharing of knowledge
  • Improvement of engineering efficiency
  • Reduction of undesirable variation
  • Reduction in the enterprise IT footprint

Benefits Specific to Automotive Organizations

  • Time reduction to verify status of a project
  • Time reduction to onboard new engineers
  • Ability to verify data across projects
  • Increased First Time Quality by 30%
  • Improvement in quality & consistency of designs
  • Savings of at least $400k per year for an elite Tier One Supplier
  • Ability to quickly and effectively roll-out new processes
  • Provide a dynamic process of updating and evaluating product design standards
  • Make manufacturing capability data readily available during all product design phases
  • Provide a mechanism to connect field/customer performance information back to specific design standards
  • Ensure designs are robust so that when we build prototypes we avoid missed builds

Notable Auros Customers

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“Auros demonstrated a clear time and efficiency advantage over the existing web repository process.”

“It really does allow us to close the loop on enterprise learning.”

“… it’s like writing an email, but far better.”

What is the Knowledge Aware Approach?

The Knowledge Aware approach is a coherent and comprehensive enterprise-level Knowledge Management strategy and technique. Unlike traditional knowledge management strategies, the Knowledge Aware approach activates knowledge in the flow-of-work. With it, knowledge is continuously being captured from standards, best practices, lessons learned, methods, techniques, requirements, employee knowledge, and other resources, broken down into digestible bite-sized pieces, and provisioned to the right person when and where it’s needed. This approach positively influences decision-making, which creates a more effective and efficient organization and more reliable outputs.

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Who Uses It

Over 40,000 active global users and many successful globally recognized organizations are using the Auros software across multiple departments in the engineering process. Transforming their former libraries into active knowledge is a competitive advantage and has allowed these organizations to reduce their Time to Market and ensure that their organizational knowledge is used and applied correctly across multiple projects.


How Auros IQ Can Be Used

Auros IQ provides a systematic approach to capturing, structuring, sharing, and re-using knowledge and can be applied to nearly any process.  In the automotive industry, customers have deployed Auros IQ to manage:

  • Customer Requirements
  • Concept Validation Process
  • Design Verification
  • Design Review Process
  • Systems Engineering
  • Standards
  • Best Practices
  • Flexible Design Automation
  • Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE)
  • Engineering Sign-Off (ESO) Process
  • Simulation Process Knowledge
  • Deviation Management
  • DVP&R (Design Verification Plan & Report)
  • Project Management & Team Collaboration
  • Production Validation Process
  • Virtual Build Assessment
  • Layered Process Audit
  • Operational CTQ Reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance Management

Featured Auros Capabilities Specific for the Automotive Industry

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Agile Processes and Product Development

Auros helps make this transition less painful by blending standard work and knowledge into the agile concept. By blending these two concepts, organizations can achieve the benefits of Agile with the predictability of standardized processes.

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Customer and Design Requirements

Comprehensive Requirements Assessments ensure full compliance in the Design process.

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Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA)

Auros allows manufacturing teams to create, maintain and publish manufacturing standards, which can be automatically propagated to the design team.

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Design Review and ESO

Auros proactively alleviates the documentation gathering pain, by providing pertinent information to users throughout each milestone, saving the company time and resources.

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Deviation Management

Auros has capabilities to define, approve, reject, and document deviations to requirements and standards.

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Engineering and Design Standards

Auros allows organizations the ability to quickly create structured design standards that are controlled by individual business units but can be easily shared across multiple business applications.

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Knowledge Based Engineering

Auros solves many of the traditional KBE pitfalls by providing the framework, methodology, and efficiency to create, maintain and deploy valuable company knowledge into models.

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Lessons Learned and Read Across

Lessons learned are authored and managed in a consistent format that leverages existing knowledge from electronic documents, external data sources, and multimedia libraries.

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Operational Health Reporting

Auros’s dynamic reporting capabilities allow companies to identify quality issues earlier and provide resolutions much quicker, resulting in reduced warranty costs and improved customer satisfaction.

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Virtual Build Assessment

Auros converts tacit (tribal) knowledge from the seasoned virtual build participants and converts it into explicit knowledge that can be delivered to less experienced personnel, enabling them to evaluate the products, processes, tools and plant operations with the same level of fidelity.

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See How Auros IQ Works in a Live Demo

Our customers have adopted the Auros software to help with several of their major industry challenges, including warranty issues, maintaining consistent quality, workforce efficiency, retiring workforce, loss of intellectual capital, and training new hires. To learn how your organization can benefit from Auros IQ, as they did, schedule a complimentary demo of the Auros system.